NBA Live 18 – First Day Impressions

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NBA Live 18 was released on September 15, the same day as NBA 2K18, and there were a lot of expectations for it. First of all, the game is coming after a one year break and fans were excited to see what the development team has come up with during this year. Secondly, the war between the two major basketball themed games, is just getting started as NBA 2K18 was very well received and praised by many as being a truly innovative title.

Most of the critics and players agree that NBA Live 18’s emphasis is on fun and not that much on being a realistic basketball game. Controls are easy, commands are clear, and moves don’t take too long to master. From a beginner’s point of view, this is a great thing as the rival game takes more time to learn. In NBA Live 18, basketball players are easily controlled on the court and guided towards the hoop to score points. Even if the user makes an occasional mistake, this is easily fixed. The developers seemed to have found the perfect balance between accessible and fun. Controlling players on the court is not hard but it’s not too easy either so players will not complain from the lack of challenge. The One is another NBA Live 18 feature that was well received. Players will discover that this single player mode is so much more than an interactive story. It’s an experience that can be personalized by any user. A complete array of customization options allow users to define their basketball players as truly unique characters. Players will be faced with lots of decisions that will shape the path towards NBA stardom. Game visuals and animations are on point. Players move naturally on the court and execute moves with amazing fluidity. NBA Live 18 caters towards the casual players who value fun more than realism and competition.

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