Facts That Make Madden NFL 18 Unmissable

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We are again counting on the second delivery of these 6 missing data in Madden NFL 18. The game just came out a week ago and did it in the best possible way … That’s it! The football season has started. So, go for a snack and drink and take your control of PS4 or Xbox One and join us!

-Improved improvement in graphics

Although the design and graphics have been optimized every time, in this installment there is a remarkable improvement, even in details such as more natural movements of the players, the same in the repetitions, who take care of the details more than in previous years.

-Competitive online game

And something that stays and is fun, besides making you competitive, is playing online against other players, so you can take experience and even interact live with opponents to see who is the best. There is no more interesting way to measure your level than against other opponents who are also Madden lovers. You can find yourself from novice players, predictable in their plays, to true fans obsessed with strategy.

– Longshot mode, a hit

If you want to live a greater reality and intensity of the game, the Longshot is a great option, it is a story mode where you take the life of Devin Wade, a guy who looks for an opportunity to be in the Draft, with the dream of being a selection of some NFL team, but it will not be easy, since there is both physical and mental evidence to achieve it. It is not properly playing games, but making decisions. Here you will need more in-depth knowledge of the NFL, its rules, formations, strategies. Also if you want play beautiful, MUT 18 coins will be needed to help you get better players and contracts etc.