Which Players Expect in FIFA 18

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Thanks for staying with us! We all enjoyed handling the ball and our players at our whim. However, there was also something else we all enjoyed playing FIFA 17 and those were the envelopes.

Envelopes in FIFA 17: a feature that made us want to keep playing

The envelopes with new characters, weapons and improvements are something that has been implemented for a long time in various games. Plants vs Zombies was one of the pioneers in adding this type of features. Next, he was followed by Call of Duty with Supply Drops; but we all know perfectly that Hearthstone was the game that achieved the most popularity with envelopes.

However, FIFA 17 also showed us that it knew how to give envelopes. By playing through the Ultimate Team mode, it was possible to create our teams with the players we wanted and fight to be the best team (something we will talk about in part 6 of this analysis) and, to do that, gave us the Opportunity to win envelopes containing players, dressing rooms and upgrades for players.

This feature was so good that we played for hours to get more coins and buy envelopes. Wow, it was good times and we assume that the envelopes will also appear in FIFA 18. Perhaps we will be able to obtain envelopes more easily or these envelopes will contain better prizes in FIFA 18. We will have to wait a couple of months.